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Being in a band isn’t easy, but isn’t it supposed to be fun? That’s the sentiment behind Horseshoe,” the new song out today from Flint, MI’s Baggage. It’s a surprisingly-unforgettable track that reflects on the trials and tribulations that have already plagued the band in their very short existence. From van break-ins to van breakdowns, it seemed like the world just didn’t want Baggage to exist, but Jonathan Diener found a way to channel all of that anger and frustration into the album of his life.

It’s surreal, slow-moving and one by one things start to fall apart,” Diener explains. “You end up alone, but it’s up to you to keep pushing and make things work. You compare it to the past and romanticize nostalgia, but sometimes to do the right thing, you have to move on. That’s why the band is called Baggage.”

Through a screen of feedback, “Horseshoe” jolts to life, detailing a familiar experience many bands likely share of playing to what Baggage frontman Jonathan “Jono” Diener describes as “the horseshoe.”

“Our drummer, Kris, made a joke about an awkward show we played: ‘looks like we played to the horseshoe again.’ I asked what he meant, then he told me it was the semi-circle of people who are too afraid to walk up to the stage when there are not many people there.”

It’s a pretty accurate metaphor, especially if you’ve been to a show like this. It’s also the perfect description of what Baggage has gone through in its first couple years as a band, playing to people on their phones or waiting for another band to go on. But in his own crowds, Diener started to see himself, “I’d ask you to move up / but I wouldn’t want to if I were in your shoes,” he sings, resigned to the situation.

“I had the realization that I was actually one of those people when I went to shows––standing in the back, crossing my arms. It was hilarious and devastating at the same time.”