Blessing A Curse

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Blessing A Curse is an American metal band from Orlando, Florida, best known for their unusual amalgamation of metalcore, rap-metal and pop-rock. Brandon Swanson (lead guitar), Joshy Singer (vocals), and Ronnie Mitchell (bass/vocals), founded the band in 2013 before adding Pedro Rentas (percussion/drums) and Jordan Crain (rhythm guitar) soon after. The band emerged to the scene with their infectious EP Somewhere in Between It All in 2014, before signing with Smartpunk Records. Following the success of their EP, the band set out to release their debut full-length Satisfaction for the Vengeful in 2016, produced by Andrew Wade at The Audio Compound (A Day To Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War). Since inception, the band has toured the world opening for artists like Atilla, Beartooth, Alesana, I See Stars, Like Moths to Flames, and The Browning.

Winding down after some time on the road, the band spent the better part of 2018 recording their sophomore release, WASTE, produced by Stephan Hawkes (Attila, Jonny Craig, Chelsea Grin) at Interlace Audio in Portland, Oregon and will be released on March 29th, 2019 via Smartpunk Records. Off the album comes “Waste,” a song about letting yourself become engulfed in worries, stress, anxiety and tension and taking it out on others. It is during those moments of weakness, a unique sense of clarity appears, to show you that through determination in the face of complete hopelessness and uncertainty one can surpass it all. This is the ideology behind WASTE. Throughout the recording process, the band cited influences from Slipknot, Of Mice & Men, and Ice Nine Kills, to add an eclectic mix of melodic guitar solos, technical riffs, blistering scream-rap verses and soulful anthemic choruses guaranteed to tug at the heart strings and leave the listener wanting more.