Suck Brick Kid

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Formed in 2014, Suck Brick Kid is an aggressive pop-punk blast of nostalgia and fresh air. One that brings you back to a time when you sang your sixteen year old heart out to every word of your favorite band.

Fitting seamlessly in with today’s definition of pop-punk perfection, Suck Brick Kid has found a solid balance of love for the old and respect for the new. The 5-piece band out of Orlando has just released their debut EP entitled “The Beast Goes on…”, which contains seven tracks that will have you humming along from the moment you hear the first track (single) “Believe” to the raw emotions of loss in the EP’s final (title) track “The Beast Goes On…”

The band’s live show is characterized as a high energy sing along complete with 4-piece harmonies and gang vocals. High-fives & stage dives are commonplace at Suck Brick Kid shows. The band’s stage performance is infectious and the crowd feeds on the emotion and eccentricity that the band has become known for.