Suck Brick Kid

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Sweat-soaked from Central Florida, 6–piece Suck Brick Kid burst onto the punk scene in 2015 with their debut release The Beast Goes On. After all the money they made on that record, the members took a few years to continue pickling their livers in dive bars across the country. Alas, the money they made from digital royalties dried up and there they were with their backs against the wall.

Broke and hungry, the band entered the studio with the illustrious producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, The Ghost Inside, Neck Deep), and in just 4 short years of studio time, they were able to muster up 10 new tracks. To put this in perspective, they were able to create 30 minutes of catchy punk songs in half the time that it took Guns N’ Roses to make Chinese Democracy. I guess you could say things are really looking up for Suck Brick Kid!

The band’s debut full-length, Salt to Taste, is an emotional roller coaster of negative feelings set to anthemic punk songs. After phone calls with a close friend who seemed to be struggling in every way, it inspired the band to get off their asses and do something four years later. Vicariously written through the eyes of pain & anger, this record will leave you asking one really, really important question—why the hell did I just read this shitty bio?