Wounded Touch

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Clarity often rises from the wreckage of crushing loss and severed ties, but not without the thorny first step, the stumbles that follow, and the bruises serving as a reminder of what came first. Wounded Touch captures that humbling devastation in name and nuance, having formed from the rubble of a varied arsenal of Michigan bands, including Sunlight Ascending, Steamroller, and Sunlight’s Bane. On their debut 7”, From Day 0 Forward, Wounded Touch strikes a balance between the blistering foundations of these former projects to soundtrack the horror of destroyed lives at a grueling pace.

“These songs are a result of necessity, a cathartic outlet that we needed. The songs all covered various stages of survival and self care, beginning with what I refer to as ‘day zero,’ the moment the life you knew and had been living ended, the first day that the new life you didn’t choose started,” vocalist Nick Holland explains. Across a clipped running time, the quintet plots a survival plan in the wake of broken families ruptured by divorce and dishonesty, while letting trauma and suffering be a thunderous power source. Wounded Touch’s metalcore is abrupt (“Memories Like Shrapnel”) and vicious (“A Hell I No Longer Deserve”), but it’s primed for the pressure points triggered when suffering takes center stage.