Resolutions - Weightless (Smartpunk Exclusive Yellow Vinyl /100)



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This Smartpunk yellow exclusive variant is the ONLY one currently available in America.

Ladies and gentle, we're pleased to introduce you to Resolutions from Germany. Our dear friends and your new favorite band! Our variant of their debut album, Weightless is limited to only 100 copies.

For fans of Fat Wreck and FEST style punk like Dead To Me and the Flatliners.

Check out a new song off the album here:

And catch them out tour all throughout Europe in April and May of 2016 with Smartpunk's Teen Agers.

1. Machines
2. Waxman
3. Quicksound
4. 8 Arms
5. Up To All
6. Worst Magician
7. Flat Landscapes
8. Twin
9. Not on Time
10. Monotower
11. Daily Train

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