Dikembe - Live at Loosey's (Punk Talks Benefit /500)

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This record was recorded live at Loosey's on August 4, 2015. Dikembe played with The Appleseed Cast, Annabel, and Frameworks. Punk Talks offers free mental health services for touring musicians and industry workers in DIY/emo/punk/everything. Dikembe and Smartpunk think it's a really important service and we hope you want to help out too. punk-talks.tumblr.com

A dollar per record will be donated to Punk Talks.

Pressing info:
400 black
100 yellow (exclusive to Smartpunk)

Guitar/Vocals - Steven Gray
Drums/Vocals - David Bell
Bass - Randy Reddell
Guitar/Windmills - Mike Jones

Photo by Nicole Kibert: elawgrrl.com
Recorded by Danny Hughes
Mixed by David Bell

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