Henrietta - Trick is Not Minding




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ok so here's the thing Manny dropped these off one day and was like "ionno what color these are" and we were like "seriously dude?" and he was like "ya, you want em or not?" and we were like "ya i guess, fine". Opened my personal copy and it's blue, looks very rad, and is limited to 100 copies so that's chill.

Tracked by Paul Hundeby (City Pro Recordings, and a dear friend)
Mixed and Mastered by Jay Maas (Getaway Recording, dont know him)
Released by Animal Style Records (gr8 record label)

1. Give Up, Kid
2. 2000 Miles
3. Constantinople
4. A Spectrum
5. Brutus
6. Leave It Alone
7. Greater Fool
8. Vacations
9. Away From Home
10. Orion

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