letlive. - If I'm the Devil...



Letlive's new album, If I'm the Devil... is a strident, principled and heavy work. It's also perfectly suited for someone who just wants to pound on the steering wheel after a hard day at school, work, or whatever institution happens to command most of your waking life. Just consider the name Letlive - it's meant to be life-affirming above all else.
Frontman Jason Aalon Bulter has an ambitious nature which takes him to extremely lofty places. He acknowledges that Letlive is a punk band and one that reflects humanity as a collection of emotional, frontal-lobe beings. At the same time, he fully believes that Letlive can access that utopian, inexplicable transcendental quality that allows art to reach budding revolutionaries the way books and other oratory cannot.

I've Learned To Love Myself
Nü Romantics
Good Mourning, America
Who You Are Not
A Weak Ago
Foreign Cab Rides
Reluctantly Dead
Another Offensive Song
If I'm The Devil...
Copper Colored Quiet

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