Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy



The Jesus and Mary Chain fronted by the Reid brothers Jim
and William, release their long awaited brand new studio
album Damage and Joy, their first album since Munki,
released back in the summer of 1998. Including lead track
“Amputation” and a re-energised new version of “All Things
Must Pass” which previously featured in the TV show
Fronted by the Reid brothers Jim and William, The Jesus And
Mary Chain first reformed to play the Coachella festival back
in 2007. Despite regular touring – most notably a 2015 world
tour which revisited their landmark album Psychocandy – it
took some time before they could agree on a plan to record a
much-mooted seventh album.
Work on Damage and Joy (a reference to the English
translation of schadenfreude) began in September 2015, with
producer Youth also contributing bass and diplomacy to
proceedings during sessions in London, Dublin and Granada,
Spain. Alan McGee first confirmed that a new JAMC album
was on the way by telling Canada’s CBC Music: “They've
made another album! It's a big deal! It's kinda enormous."
“The interesting thing about this record is what comes out of
the speakers,” declares Jim. “To make a good record is an
achievement if you’re twenty-two, but to do it in your fifties,
the way we are, I think is a minor miracle.”

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