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DIRECT HIT isn’t a punk band so much as a collection of pureed grey matter. But this summer – with the help of Fat Wreck Chords – the Milwaukee-based group will make those mushy brains useful by releasing Wasted Mind: a 12-track concept album inspired by the warped sensibilities of such savage works as Burroughs’ Naked Lunch and Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Produced by All-American Rejects guitarist Mike Kennerty, Wasted Mind follows a cast of drug-addled, medicated and insane characters who check in and out of reality with reckless abandon. Musically it delivers on everything DIRECT HIT fans have come to expect: clever lyrical content, catchy hook-laden riffs, and driving pop-punk anthems. From “Forced to Sleep” to “Promised Land” to “Artificial Confidence,” the massive polished sound of Wasted Mind begs to be sung/screamed along with. An April tour supporting NOFX and relentless dates to follow throughout 2016 will give fans a chance to do just that. Of course, DIRECT HIT doesn’t limit their mind altering output to albums and live shows; their creativity runs into the realm of video as well (they’ve got 15 videos to their credit after only two albums!!). As part of the concept of Wasted Mind the band are filming 3 videos to be released leading up to and after the album’s release.

1. Snickers or Reese’s
2. Satan Says
3. Monster in the Closet
4. Kingdom Come
5. Boredom Addict
6. Failed Invasion
7. We Are Alone
8. Living Dead
9. In Orbit
10. They Came or Me

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